|Exhibition news| Congratulations to the first day Dongguan High Faith Paper Co.,Ltd. attending the Moroccan Exhibition

2017-12-08 16:00:00

Congratulations to the first day Dongguan High Faith Paper Co.,Ltd.

attending the Moroccan Exhibition

On December 8th,  2017,  the Pack2Pack & iPrint Expo was successfully opened in Morocco,  Africa, and Dongguan High Faith Paper Co. ,  Ltd. was invited to attend the exhibition.


The exhibition is a total of 200 companies,  The local companies occupies approximate 60% and others are foreign groups. The scene was sospectacular because it was gathering the world's packaging industry manufacturers as well as many well-known brands.

At this exhibition,  High Faith Paper showed seven series products of our company,consolidated the cooperation relationships,discovered a large number of potential customers,  and laid a solid foundation for the development of the market. The exhibition is mainly based on safe food and cosmetics. The packaging is an auxiliary exhibition. 

As our living standards has improved, people pay more and more attention to food safety. And new eco-friendly packaging materials of High Faith Paper provide delicate and environmentally and friendly packaging that can make products look more high-end, safe and reliable.


Meanwhile, the awareness of packing has become more and more important to people.  Morocco,  natural food market will open to all over the world. Our 100% recycled environmental protection material will be introduced to the world.  

And Plants resources also need us to provide packaging programs, such as the famous Argan oil and Cactus Seed Oil,  etc. As a new type of environmental protection packaging materials , High Faith Paper is very attractive to customers.

Today, we showed our seven series products : Soft Touch,  Sandblasted,  Leather Paper,  Aurora,  High-light leather paper,  Dreamlike,  and Metal paper. At the same time, our three main materials——the jewelry box in the novel packaging material,gift box of the environmental protection material,innovative materials,  100% recycled environmentally friendly materials.They have gotten a strong interest and attention of exhibitors,  especially our new environmental protection packing material,  has become themost popular products in the exhibition.


During the exhibition,  our cooperative customer STE President , Amal,  has attended to be a guidance,  provided the perfect translation andpromoted our products.  Also, he brought delicious Morocco local cuisine.And importantly, because of our high services and quality, we have obtained  the further cooperation.


The first day of the exhibition was going on smoothly.  Our productsattracted many customers’ attentions. Many customers went to our booth for detailed consultation and hoped to further cooperation through this opportunities. We also hope that this exhibition will be held successfully in the next two days!

We sincerely invite all the manufacturers to visit the booth.  Our booth is NO. P16.  We will give you a detailed description of the products which you are interested in.




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